Bostick Temple COGIC has a long rich history, that begain with Bishop Charles Harrison Mason who founded the Church of God In Christ in 1897. Bishop Daniel Bostick was the first to start a church following the ministry of Bishop Mason, making Bostick Temple the oldest church in the Church of God in Christ denomination. Along with his wife, Mother Lucinda Bostick and daughter Mother Ella Bronaugh and many others that followed, now has made the Church of God in Christ a world-wide ministry.

Bostick Temple, however has had only three pastors since Bishop Daniel Bostick: Elder Robert Sanders, Bishop Chandler Owens and the current pastor, Elder Carl Terrell. Pastor Terrell has been leading the members of Bostick Temple since 1983.


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Bishop Charles Harrison Mason, Founder

Church of God in Christ


Elder Charles Harrison Mason founded and organized the Church of God in Christ (COGIC) in 1897.

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Bishop Daniel Bostick

  Dad Bostick The Honorable Bishop Daniel Bostick first heard holiness preached in St. Louis, Missouri where his ministry began in 1907.  In 1915 Bishop Bostick became the 1st State Overseer of the Church of God in Christ in St. Louis and Western Illinois.  He fought tirelessly over the powers of good and evil.  In the life of this great leader outstanding qualities were found: great achievements, unselfish patriotism, patience, persistence, meekness, kindness, intelligence, eloquent speech, a courageous fighter, just to name a few. One of his first converts was his wife, Mrs. Lucinda Bostick and she was followed by many more.   

Mother Lucinda Bostick

  Lucinda Bostick Mother Lucinda Bostick was among one of the first pioneers to blaze the way for the Churches of God in Christ in Southeast Missouri and Western Illinois.  She was a teacher of great faith and many miracles of healing were wrought by her.   Because of her staunch religious work, she was officially appointed to State Mother and later became the first woman to supervise the women’s work of the Church of God in Christ in Southeast-Missouri and Western Illinois in 1916.  

Mother Ella Bronaugh

  Ella Bronaugh Mother Ella Bronaugh was the daughter of Bishop Daniel Bostick & Mother Luncinda Bostick. Following the footsteps of her mother, Mother Bronaugh became State Supervisor and then the State Mother of Eastern Missouri-Western Illinois.