Pastor Terrell is a quiet man, unassuming, kind and honest in his dealings with people.  He lives an exemplary life in the church as well as in the community at large. He is faithful and totally committed to God, his family, the Bostick Temple Church family and to winning souls.


Come and go with us; we will do you good!

Pastor Carl Terrell

Pastor Carl Terrell has been a long time member of 23rd and Delmar/Bostick Temple PastorWifeChurch of God in Christ and was called to the ministry by God in May, 1971.  He has served in many capacities, including Young Adult Choir President, Sunday School teacher, Deacon, local Sunday School Superintendent, Assistant State Sunday School Superintendent, Associate Minister, Assistant Superintendent in the M.H. Norman District, and as an honorable Pastor.

Pastor Terrell is only the fourth pastor to lead the flock of Bostick Temple. From its humble beginnings, founded by the Honorable Bishop Daniel Bostick, until his death in 1963 to Pastor Robert Standers to Pastor Chandler Owens. Elder Terrell’s has been Pastor of Bostick Temple for over twenty-eight years. He along with his wife, Mother Mary Thompson-Terrell by his side, welcomed back members from 23rd & Delmar, and long-time friends and family of many of the Churches of God in Christ to the 100th Centennial Church Anniversary in September 2008. This week-long celebration was highlighted with Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr., being the main guest speaker.  

For many years, Pastor Terrelll has spear-headed the Sunday Night Victory Broadcast that ministers to thousands of listeners over the airwaves, especially ministering to the sick and shut-in.  Elder Terrell is a strong supporter of the sick and shut-in ministry.  He takes the time to visit and pray for his members and friends, and always ends his visits with words of encouragement and prayer.  God has given him the ministry of exhortation (I Timothy 4:13), that is, to comfort and uplift people in times of trouble and sorrow.  He often quotes the familiar passage from Proverbs 15:13 “A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance.”

Pastor Terrell’s vision for the church includes a plan to revitalize the area surrounding Bostick Temple from recently purchased properties, with a daycare center, a multi-purpose building and a senior citizen building. Pastor and Mrs. Terrell strive to expand the church's outreach ministries winning many souls to Christ.

To God Be The Glory!